5 Hollywood stars who appeared in video game movies


Even if video game movies typically don’t go down well with the critics, the truth is that Hollywood has produced its share of films based on the most popular video game franchises, simply due to the fact that some of these movies did turn out to big be box office hits.

And some of Hollywood finest actors and actresses have played roles in video game movies too, including Academy Award winners like Ben Kingsley and Angelina Jolie, even if the movies they starred in were met with the usual critical disdain more often than not. Here follows a list of 5 Hollywood stars who appeared in video game movies.

1. Ben Kingsley


Kingsley (left) played the prince’s devious uncle in Disney’s 2010 blockbuster Prince of Persia.


If one thing is clear, is that Ben Kingsley is one of the most renowned Hollywood actors of all time, having won an Academy Award for his role in Richard Attenborough’s slightly overrated biopic Gandhi, although he also played several other memorable roles in movies like 2008’s exciting thriller Transsiberian.

Kingsley has also appeared in video game movies such as Disney’s big-budget 2010 Prince of Persia movie, which despite being the top-grossing video game movie to date is strangely considered a failure due to the poor critical reception and its massive budget. It was a decent film by video game standards though, with Kingsley turning in a good performance as the devious uncle of the prince. Although the less is said about director Uwe Bolt’s awful Bloodrayne movie, another film in which Kingsley appeared, the better…

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
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