Ranking the Prince of Persia Games from Worst to Best

7. Prince of Persia (1989)


The prince is on a busy schedule. Just one hour to rescue the princess…


Back in 1989 game designer Jordan Mechner created the first Prince of Persia game, which became a hit due to its fluid and beautiful animations, cool 2D platforming action and great music and atmosphere. The game also had an intriguing premise and story, as it involved a race against time to rescue a princess from the clutches of the evil Vizier Jaffar, who would kill her in an hour unless she chose to marry her.

So it was up to the eponymous prince to rescue the damsel in distress, traversing the game’s levels and jumping across chasms and avoiding deadly traps which could kill the prince in a gruesome, but superbly animated way… The swordfights were a highlight too, but that 60 minute time limit coupled with the fact that the game looks pretty dated by today’s standards means that it is not likely to appear to gamers in its original incarnation, although a good remastered version of the original game, titled Prince of Persia Classic, was released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2007.