Ranking the Super Mario games from worst to best


The Mario series has been going strong since Shigeru Miyamoto’s first Super Mario game hit the NES console back in 1985. And Nintendo has been putting out a steady stream of Mario games since then, with the iconic plumber gracing every Nintendo console and handheld on more than one occasion.

But which of these games is best and which is worst? The series has been around for decades now so each fan is likely to have a favourite entry, while some might even dislike a few of Mario’s outings too… So without further ado, here follows a list of the more recent Super Mario games, ranked from worst to best.

10. Super Mario Run (2016)

Super Mario Run is a fun experience on mobiles, even if it isn’t quite a match for the Mario console games.


Some thought we would never see Mario on smartphones, but Nintendo finally wielded to fan pressure and brought the moustached plumber to Apple’s iPhone with Super Mario Run in 2016.

And Mario’s debut on mobiles took the form of an “endless runner” game, meaning he’s always on the move and you can tap on the mobile screen to make him perform other moves such as jumping. This comes in handy to deal with enemies like Goombas or to get over pits for instance, and also to collect the game’s different set of coins. Collecting coins adds to Super Mario Run’s replay value, as most players won’t take that long to get through the game’s 24 stages otherwise. And investing these coins in the Mushroom Cloud mini-game is also a fun affair, which lets you unlock other characters such as Princess Peach.

All in all, Super Mario Run was a good debut for Nintendo’s iconic character on smartphones, even if it clearly isn’t the best game the series has offered to date.

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