Ranking the Hitman video games from best to worst


Since the first Hitman game came out in 2000, the series has become a favourite of many fans of action and stealth video games, while Agent 47 (aka the Hitman) is also one of the most memorable video game characters of all time, and has even graced the silver screen on two occasions.

And since the original game was released, developer IO Interactive has put out five other core games, plus several spin-offs have hit the market too. But which of these games is best and which is worst? It is clear the series has had its highlights like 2006’s superb Blood Money, while other entries were not so great, and it’s likely each player has a personal favourite too. So without further ado, here follows a list of the Hitman games, ranked from best to worst.

1. Hitman (2016)

Some wonderfully inventive missions and locations have made this Hitman game the best in the series to date.


Some Hitman fans bemoaned the fact that developer IO Interactive was taking the episodic route with this Hitman outing, and not releasing the entire game right off the bat. But thankfully the settings, missions and characters of this episodic Hitman game have been as great as those seen in the earlier entries, while this reboot arguably features the best mission seen in the series yet.

This is because the game’s second episode, in which you have to put down a paranoid scientist and his research partner in a coastal Italian town while also destroying a lethal virus, is a great murder sandbox full of possibilities, and a beautiful location to explore too.

This Hitman reboot also features fantastic graphics and art direction, while the gameplay is as open-ended as in the likes of Hitman: Blood Money, surely making this game the best the series’ has offered to date.