The Witcher 3 vs Skyrim: Which Is the Better Game?


It is clear that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are two of the best role-playing games available on consoles and PC. Skyrim was released in 2011 but has a loyal fan base and is still being played today. And The Witcher 3 is certainly one of the most talked about games in recent memory, due to its great characters and mature storyline. But which of the two games is better? Would an evening playing The Witcher 3 be a more enjoyable experience than hunting dragons in Skyrim? Read on to find out.

1. Characters


The Witcher 3’s protagonist Geralt is one of the best video game characters to date.


If there is one thing that Bethesda has never really got right about its games, it’s the characters. And like in their earlier game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the characters in Skyrim are your stereotypical medieval fantasy lot, unidimensional beings who say things like: “A nord’s last thoughts should be about home”.

The Witcher 3, however, features complex characters with deep motivations, such as the emperor of Nilfgaard played by Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance. And of course, the witcher Geralt himself is one of the most interesting protagonists in a video game in years, as he is a man facing many difficult decisions in a morally ambiguous fantasy world. So The Witcher 3 is a clear winner in this category.



  • LOL

    > although the visuals are not as magnificent as many people expected.

    -1 for this decision
    TW3 visuals run circles around bad taste of skyrim artists. TW3 is really deverse: stomps and primeval forests of the south and center Velen, fields of territory near Novigrad. Norway like nature in Skellige, made much better than in Skyrim. I am not talking about better just by superior graphics engine, I am about better overall approach and idea behind artist teams.

    • To me Skyrim’s graphics were hard on the eyes. Pretty much every time when I had played Skyrim I got an headache and felt immense straining on my eyes. And the world was boring honestly. Sure some things were cool, but to me so many more things were bland and ugly.

  • LOL

    > quests: draw

    What? Now I can definitely congratulate you for bad taste, dude 😉

  • Skyrim can only touch the feet of Witcher 3 with a shit ton of mods.