Ranking the Resident Evil movies from best to worst

3. Resident Evil (2002)

resident-evil-movie-milla-jovovich-and-othersThere is a moment in Resident Evil in which a special-ops team are sliced to bits by the Red Queen’s defence system. The Red Queen being the supercomputer running Umbrella Corporation’s research facility, which had been overrun by zombies earlier in the movie. But this allows protagonist Alice to take over, an ass-kicking heroine played by actress Mila Jovovich, who’s been the lead in all the Resident Evil movies so far which are loosely-based on the popular video game series.

And while it’s clear that director Paul Anderson’s took a tip or two from James Cameron’s Aliens movies for this first Resident Evil film, he also delivered a compelling story with clever use of flashbacks and some truly great zombie action worthy of the George Romero movies from the 80’s.

Resident Evil (Screen Gems)