Top 21 games showing at E3 2017

19. God of War

This eagerly anticipated reboot of the God of War series is expected to have a big presence at this year’s E3, with fans hoping to get a glimpse of how this new instalment of the action-adventure series is shaping up. And although some were disappointed when it was revealed this reboot won’t feature multiplayer or the sort of open-world gameplay seen in games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, it’s unlikely this new God of War entry will turn out to be a disappointment, taking into account this is one of the top PlayStation franchises ever. Either way, hopefully what’s revealed at E3 will convince us that this new God of War has the potential to be Game of the Year material when the game is finally released.

20. The Crew 2

The Crew, a racing game released back in 2014, failed to take the world by storm, even if it did have a stunning open world set in the US. And like the Need for Speed games, this also focused on illegal street racing and had the typical story of revenge, even if the driving and other aspects like the car physics were not top-notch. But the game company Ubisoft might yet get the formula right with The Crew 2, a game which is likely to feature another huge open world and plenty of racing action. And we will find out soon enough whether this has the potential to be a worthy rival to the likes of Need for Speed: Payback, as Ubisoft will be showing off their new racer at this year’s E3 show.

21. The Sims Mobile

Few would deny that The Sims took the world by storm in 2000, and Will Wright’s life simulation game ended up being played by millions worldwide. So it’s logical that the game would find its way to mobile platforms eventually, with Electronic Arts having already announced that The Sims Mobile will be hitting iOS and Android phones in the future. So this means we will be able to create our sims and help them become social superstars on mobile too, so it’s a great thing EA will be showing more of this mobile edition of the Sims at this year’s E3 show too.