5 mods for Fallout 4 you can enjoy on the PS4

5. Cheat Container

fallout-4-cheat-container-modPerhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Fallout 4 is settlement building, which allows players to develop the game’s various settlements like Sanctuary by placing floors and ceilings, and later adding beds, chairs and lighting to individual rooms using the game’s workshop. Most of the settlement building in the game is related to Fallout 4’s patriotic Minutemen faction and its side quests, although it’s likely most players never dabbled much in it beyond crafting a comfy chair for Mama Murphy in an early side quest.

This is likely due to having to search for building materials like adhesive and aluminium, even if it’s true that the game lets you scrap almost everything in your inventory to obtain crafting components. But wouldn’t it be better to have an almost infinite supply of everything in order to build your dream settlement? This is what this Cheat Container mod does, as it provides 60,000 units of every building material in the game, meaning players won’t be hunting for elusive materials in order to build the perfect settlement in Fallout 4 anymore.

Link to modmods.bethesda.net