Top 5 Virtual Sex Products Using the Oculus Rift

2. Tenga VR

tenga-oculus-vrTenga is a Tokyo-based company that is big in Japan, having sold millions of products to date, and if one thing is clear is that you can always count on the Japanese to come up with weird sexual devices. This might be due to the fact that adult content is censored in Japan, so the Japanese might need extra stimulation…

And now Tenga is taking advantage of the Oculus Rift to deliver a Virtual Reality sexual experience. As you can see in the picture above, this contraption is made up of three parts: Tenga’s self-stimulation device (the red part), a feedback peripheral known as the Novint Falcon 3D and the Oculus Rift itself.

The Oculus lets you see the scene in glorious Virtual Reality (in which an anime character pleases the player), and the self-stimulation device, which is obviously placed on the players’ manhood, allows players to interact with the anime character through the feedback device. And if you think that this sex game is a bit nerdy, then you’re probably right…

SOURCE: YouTube.