5 underrated games you can get in the Steam summer sale

2. Mad Max (66 % discount)

mad-max-game-max-drivingThis Mad Max game released in 2015 was not based on George Miller’s superb movie, but rather featured an original plot. And although some video game reviewers dissed the game for being derivative and borrowing too much from other open-world video games, the game was still worth playing for its entertaining third-person action and pretty good story, in which titular hero Max befriends a Gollum-like mechanic while attempting to get even with a sinister warlord named Scabrous Scrotus.

The game follows Ubisoft’s open-world formula, letting players wander the game’s expansive wasteland on Max’s car while completing quests and side goals like tearing down scarecrows (towers that mark enemy territory) and taking over enemy outposts. And given that this is one of the games being offered at a discount during this Steam sale, it’s definitely worth taking a look for those who missed it back in 2015.