Starting date for Steam Summer Sale 2018 has leaked out


Another year, and another Steam summer sale is coming our way. This means you can expect a hefty chunk of Steam’s catalogue of games to be available at a discount, maybe up to 75 % and more as has been the case in recent years.

Of course, those eager to empty their wallets in another big Steam sale will be anxious to know when this year’s event kicks off, and thankfully the start for Steam’s 2018 Summer Sale recently leaked out.

According to Steam Database (via this year’s sale will begin on June 21, 2019. This can be expected to last about 2 weeks, given that 2017’s sale took place between June 22 and July 5.

And while this might seem like a great opportunity to stock up on plenty of quality titles, the Steam sales have been criticized in recent years too, due to the fact that the cheapen developer’s intellectual property and also encourage “digital hoarding”. That is, people buy a ton of games due to the excitement of taking part in the sale, and it’s been proven that a scarily high percentage of games in people’s Steam libraries have gone unplayed to this date…

But still, even if there is a dark side to the Steam sales, it’s clear that savvy gamers can take advantage of these to grab some very interesting video game bargains, so it’s clear many will be looking forward to the start of Steam’s big sale this week.