Stellar Blade sells 1 million copies on PS5: is a PC version coming?


Stellar Blade was one of the year’s most eagerly awaited games, and it did not disappoint. Actually, Korean studio Shift Up’s game is one of 2024’s highest rated games (its Metacritic score currently stands at 81).

However, the game has also been one of the most controversial of the year: accusations of sexism were levelled at the Korean studio’s game, while Stellar Blade was also controversial for other reasons (a case of too much ado about nothing maybe). This did not prevent the game from selling 1 million copies this year, actually, it has surpassed this mark at the time of writing as was recently reported on IGN.

The million copies sold are an even greater achievement if one takes into account that the game is a PS5 exclusive: it launched on no other platforms other than Sony’s console in late April this year. This raises the question of whether the game will be coming to other platforms, specifically the PC, in the near future?

In a recent presentation hosted by Shift Up the team said that while they are looking at bring the game to PC, a possible PC version of Stellar Blade would face hurdles due to their “contractual relationship” with Japanese company Sony.

Stellar Blade, though, does seem like the kind of game PC players would embrace wholeheartedly. It has a sexy female protagonist whose physique resembles that of the Lara Croft of the 90’s, it’s visually stunning and its gameplay draws inspiration from Souls genre games like Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice (its nowhere as hard as From Software’s game though).

Will Stellar Blade get a PC version?


Regarding the game’s graphics, these would certainly look even more spectacular on a powerful PC at true 4K resolution with high quality ray tracing, something which would make the game’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi world look even better.

But alas, no PC version of the game is in sight for now. It’s likely that the game’s studio Shift Up has some sort of timed exclusivity deal with Sony, probably for at least a year, meaning a PC version likely won’t arrive until next spring at least. It does make one wonder, though, how many copies Stellar Blade would have sold if it had been a multi-platform release instead of a PS5 exclusive at launch – quite a bit more I guess.

A PC version might not be coming soon, though, but at least fans will be happy to know that additional content is coming to the game. A photo mode will be available in August, while more outfits for protagonist Eve will be arriving this fall.

Also, and as a side note, the game’s success highlights what a good year this has been so far for Asian studios. Besides Stellar Blade selling 1 million copies, the likes of Genshin Impact from Chinese developer miHoYo continue to succeed in 2024. Also, Persona 3: Reload by Japanese studio Atlus and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio surpassed the million copies sold mark in 2024.

And Stellar Blade will likely continue to do well this year, being one of the highest profile PS5 games to see a release in 2024, even if those who prefer to game on other platforms such as PC will have to wait in order to enjoy Shift Up’s game.