A new Life is Strange game starring Max Caulfield is coming this fall


Life is Strange fans sure were excited when Square Enix revealed a new game in the series will be releasing this year.

The game, which is titled Life is Strange: Double Exposure, is coming out this fall (on October 29 to be exact) and is being made by US studio Deck Nine.

The American studio also made Life is Strange: True Colors, and a prequel to the original Life is Strange game which came out back in 2017.

So the original team which made the first (and still best) Life is Strange game, Don’t Nod Entertainment, does not appear to be involved, while this is also not a proper numbered sequel to Life is Strange 2, so fans will have to wait for a Life is Strange 3 game, which is surely coming someday.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure does bring back the protagonist of the 2015 original, though.

Yes, Max Caulfield is returning for another adventure in Double Exposure, and is once again voiced by actress Hannah Telle (whose dulcet tones can be heard in the trailer below).  The original game was set in the midwestern US town of Arcadia Bay where Max was a photography student at Blackwell academy. Well, Max is still into photography here too, and is now a resident photographer at a prestigious university.

Also as in the original game, Max is gifted with a power which allows her to travel through time, something which comes in handy when her friend Safi is murdered. Actually, Max is able to switch between two time periods (the present and a past time before Safi’s murder) in order to hunt down the killer before time runs out…

Like previous games in the series, this will be a single player game and will offer similar gameplay. Interacting with people and objects to locate clues, exploring the game’s locations and engaging in conversations with other characters to advance the plot will hopefully be as entertaining here as in previous Life is Strange games.

The thing is, no other Life is Strange game has come close to the experience offered by the 2015 original yet. The sequel and spin-offs that followed were pretty good overall, and hopefully Deck Nine (the studio behind the game) will deliver another good Life is Strange game here. They were behind 2017’s Life is Strange: Before the Storm which I enjoyed, but I’m not a fan of their Life is Strange: True Colors game from 2021, which was a bit of a disappointment…

But still, getting to play as Max again in another game surely is something to look forward to for those who’ve been playing these games for years, so hopefully this will turn out to be an entry to remember in the much-loved series when it arrives this fall.

Note: Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released on October 29, 2024. Available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.