Conan Exiles developer explains why the game features nudity and other mature content


Anyone who has seen John Milius’ 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian knows the director did not pull his punches when it came to showing violence and excess onscreen, and his Conan movie also pleased audiences looking for more mature content by showing nudity at some points in the movie too…

And it seems that Funcom, the Norwegian video game developer behind the 2008 hit Age of Conan, did not shy away from featuring mature content in their Conan Exiles game either. Actually, the game’s creative director already mentioned in an earlier preview video that, this being a Conan game, the designers had “ratcheted the brutality up to 11”, while this is also a game that will please adult audiences as Conan Exiles will also be featuring nudity and other mature content too.

Related to this is the fact that players can configure their in-game avatar in a somewhat unusual way, as it is possible to choose their male character’s genital size using an endowment slider, while players can choose the breast size of their female characters as well…

Some characters won’t be wearing much clothing in Funcom’s Conan Exiles game…


Of course, some may find Conan Exiles’ nudity and body configuration options a bit over the top, but in a recent Reddit AMA (which stands for “Ask Me Anything”) developer Funcom stated that it chose to include nudity in the game because it fitted with “the lore and setting”, adding that the endowment slider “was a natural evolution of that”, as reported on Kotaku.

Also, and even though we already know that this will be one violent game, it seems the developer wants to take things even further and also let players “drag [enemy] players back to your altars and sacrifice them for a massive boost”, plus Funcom also stated on Reddit that the game could even feature a castration system at some point in the future too…

It seems, though, that players are quite fond of the game’s over the top nature, as Conan Exiles was released on January 31 and is already enjoying strong sales on Steam. This despite the fact that the game is not yet complete, and is only available on Steam Early Access for the time being, with a console version to follow later in the year.

Conan Exiles (Funcom)