This is what’s coming next to Conan Exiles


Conan Exiles launched on Steam Early Access this year, much to the delight of fans of Norwegian developer Funco’s games such as the pretty great Age of Conan released back in 2008.

Conan Exiles offers an interesting mix of building gameplay and traditional third and first-person combat in a medieval fantasy world (and some gratuitous nudity too), but those who are already playing the game on Early Access will be pleased to know that Funcom will be adding new features to the game during the year.

Actually, Funcom’s Joel Bylos took the floor at the Game Developer’s Conference to discuss the new features coming to Conan Exiles in 2017, while players will also be glad to know that the developer plans to get the game off Early Access by the first quarter of next year.

Some of the game’s interesting upcoming additions include a dye system for clothing and hair, improvements to settlements, siege weapons and new dangerous boss creatures.

The new siege weapons look particularly awesome, as these will enable players to demolish their opponent’s fortifications in style as seen in Funcom’s presentation below. Also interesting are the additions and improvements to the game’s dungeons, with Bylos showing how players can flood a dungeon, trapping their enemies in a watery grave, and also how players will have to fight powerful new bosses like a giant snake in the game’s reworked dungeons.

So Conan Exiles is a game that will keep growing this year, then, which is certainly good news for those who’ve put their faith (and money) in Funcom’s new project and paid up for the Steam Early Access version of the game.

Those longing for a console version of the game, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy the full experience in early 2018, and hopefully the complete version of the game will live up to the hype and be another great Conan experience like Funcom’s earlier Age of Conan game was.