The Top 5 Games of 2014

1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

dragon-age-inquisition-dragonBioware is a developer known for creating richly detailed video game worlds, populated by fascinating characters. And Dragon Age: Origins, released way back in 2009, was something of a marvel, with a rich story and a cast of characters more colourful than a Christmas tree. But its sequel Dragon Age II was something of a disappointment, as the combat and characters were not up to par and it being set in one city did not make for a sprawling or epic adventure.

Thankfully with Dragon Age: Inquisition the series has returned to its roots, and in many ways the game redefines the world epic. Its fantasy world is vast, featuring not only the kingdom of Ferelden but also Orlais, a kingdom that was referred to in the original game but players never got to explore. There are countless quests to tackle, and these can have you resorting to sword, magic or your silver tongue to solve the matter at hand. And as is fitting for a Dragon Age game there are plenty of dragons to combat, and some of these beasts will truly challenge your party.

You can spend hours chatting to your party members about such diverse subjects as honour or politics, and it is great that characters such as Morrigan and Leliana make a return, but a mercenary voiced by Freddie Prinze really steals the show. This is such a huge game that many players will not see everything it has to offer, even after spending dozens of hours with the game. And it is due to its vast scope, countless quests, huge world to explore and great characters, that Dragon Age: Inquisition was 2014’s best video game.