The Uncharted 4 Elena bug and other funny video game glitches


The Uncharted 4 game made by developer Naughty Dog has no doubt been one of the biggest video game hits of the year, with many gaming websites awarding the game top scores and having words of praise for the latest Uncharted game. And it is clear that Nathan Drake’s final adventure is not only a gorgeous-looking title, but it also has great gameplay and superb action scenes, plus an engaging story featuring the series’ well-known cast of characters like hero Nathan Drake, his love interest Elena and Drake’s hot-headed brother Sam.

Although like most other games released these days, Uncharted 4 does have its share of bugs, with one involving Drake’s partner Elena being particularly hilarious. This odd glitch in Uncharted 4 makes Nathan Drake disappear entirely during one of his romantic scenes with Elena, with the intrepid journalist being left hugging and talking to an invisible figure, like she was in dire need of a good therapist…

This is a hilarious bug though, even if it does ruin players’ enjoyment of what otherwise is a great scene in the game… But this Uncharted 4 bug is not the only notorious one in a major game to date, as other big video game releases have shipped with their share of bugs over the years.

A clear example is Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity, which arrived in late 2014 with its share of game-breaking and sometimes even funny glitches. And probably the most notorious of them is one which resulted in character’s faces disappearing entirely, which made Ubisoft’s game set in 18th century Paris look like George Romero’s the Night of the Living Dead at times…


The likes of Assassin’s Creed Unity shipped with quite a few bugs back in 2014.


More recently, other games like The Division have also given players a headache or two due to the plethora of bugs that Massive’s game shipped with, although in the developer’s defence it must be said that Massive has done a great job of patching the game into shape, and adding new features with regular updates.

But perhaps one of the most annoying bugs that players have had to endure in The Division was also rather hilarious, as it involved players falling through the ground to an endless abyss while trying to do their duty as Division agents…

In the end though, and given the complexity of modern video game development, it is clear that no video game will be free of glitches in the near future, but as long as developers do a good job at patching their games then everything will be fine, even if the bugs in modern games have been good for a laugh every now and then.