10 video games with Xbox One X enhancements coming in 2017

10. Agents of Mayhem

Although you might be familiar with developer Volition’s Saint Row series, their upcoming Agents of Mayhem is a quite different thing from the company’s earlier, GTA-inspired games. Actually, this is a superhero game which takes place in the Asian city of Seoul, and boasts a roster of 12 colourful characters you can play as in the game.

It will also be possible to switch between a team of three different characters a la GTA V during gameplay, which is something that will no doubt add to the game’s appeal. Plus, if Volition can deliver great open-world gameplay as they did with their earlier Saint Row games, players could be in for a treat when this comes out in the summer. Also, those who get to play this on Xbox One X (when Microsoft’s console hits shelves in the fall) will not only get to enjoy improved graphics but also the game’s city will feature more pedestrians and traffic, helping make Agents of Mayhem an even more immersive experience on the Xbox One X.

Release date: August 15.