5 gameplay surprises in Far Cry 5

5. A more reactive open world

Far Cry’s story and open-world activities will be better integrated this time around.

If one thing is clear, is that the Far Cry games have never disappointed when it comes to giving players plenty of things to do. After all, games like Far Cry 4 were brimming with optional stuff to do. Whether this was clearing outposts, going on animal hunts or taking missions from secondary characters, it’s not like you had much choice but to have fun in Ubisoft’s meticulously crafted open worlds.

But this came at a price, though, as the game’s story often become a secondary thing while you went on with skinning tapirs, riding elephants into enemy bases or climbing a radio tower for the umpteenth time…

Thankfully, though, Far Cry 5’s open world and story will be better integrated thanks to what the guys at Ubisoft call the “resistance meter”. This means that your activities in the world can trigger story missions as you build up a resistance movement against the cult lead by villain Joseph Seed… And hopefully this will lead to more natural progression in the game and a better experience all-round when Far Cry 5 hits shelves this March.