Fallout 76 gets free ‘Atlantic City – America’s Playground’ expansion


Fallout 76 was on of the top games to hit shelves back in 2018. The post-apocalyptic RPG was something of a disappointment at launch, though. Its lack of single player content irked some, its focus on the multiplayer experience wasn’t a success, and left people craving for the traditional Fallout gameplay of its predecessor Fallout 4.

So Bethesda Game Studios (the people behind the game) essentially rebooted Fallout 76 with the “Wastelanders” expansion in 2020, adding NPCs and a new main quest to the game, delivering a single player experience closer to that of the previous Fallout games.

The Maryland-based company has kept adding content to the game since then, though, including factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel, new characters, quests and activities as part of the game’s ongoing seasons.

And another free update to the game is now available for all Fallout 76 players to enjoy. This expansion to the game titled “Atlantic City – America’s Playground” is now live and free to download, and takes players back to Atlantic City, while it also adds a new questline for the game’s main Appalachia setting too.

The expansion takes players back to post-apocalyptic New Jersey in order to help out the major of Atlantic City deal with plant-like creatures known as “the Overgrown”, which are trying to take over the city’s flooded center as Bethesda explains on its website.

Atlantic City itself was the setting of a previous update for the game (an expedition-type mission taking place away from the main Appalachian setting) in which players had to deal with a local crime outfit known as “the family”.

Well, the Russo family has now setup shop in Appalachia and players can take part in an entirely new questline by visiting the Russo’s new nightclub, in which they’ll uncover the family’s dark secrets as seen in the trailer above.

Also, and as part of the game’s latest season, players will be able to complete challenges in order to earn rewards. These include the “rip daring outfit” and a new double-barrel shotgun as seen in the image below.

Bethesda is also preparing to release the “Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L anthology”, which is coming out on April 11. This features seven Fallout games including Fallout 76 as well as Fallout 4, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. The original Fallout game, its sequel and Fallout Tactics are also included in this upcoming anthology.

Rumors abound too, that Bethesda’s 2008 game Fallout 3 could be getting a remastered edition, while the next mainline game in the series – Fallout 5 – has also been confirmed by Bethesda man Todd Howard.

In the meantime, though, the new Atlantic City expansion for Fallout 76 should keep fans of the franchise happy until another Fallout game is released, that’s for sure.