Sony PlayStation 5 Pro leak: technical specs emerge online


The PlayStation 5 (or PS5 as it’s known to its friends) was launched back in 2020, and has become something of a hit for Sony.

Actually, the Japanese company reported it had sold more than 50 million PS5s by December last year (which is no mean feat taking into account supply issues during the pandemic). But the company recently said it expects to sell less PS5 consoles this year, 21 million vs 25 million too…

However, Sony could be getting a sales boost in 2024, as rumors point to Sony releasing a “Pro” version of its latest console. This is something to be expected, of course: the company put out a PS4 Pro back in November 2016, so one would say a PS5 Pro console is now overdue.

The PlayStation 5 Pro or PS5 Pro will presumably hit the shelves sometime this fall, and technical specs for the console have now leaked online as IGN (via Eurogamer) reports.

The most eye-catching detail is that the PS5 Pro will have a much faster graphics processor: while the vanilla PS5 has about 10 teraflops of computing power, the PS5 Pro will do about 33 teraflops. However, since both machines have a slightly different architecture, the PS5 Pro could deliver equivalent performance between 16 and 17 teraflops as IGN points out.

The new PS5 Pro console will have the same amount of memory (16 gigabytes) and processor as the PS5 Slim edition, but the processor will have a special high frequency mode enabling it to run up to 10 % faster.

Sony has also presumably equipped the Pro console with an improved upscaling technology known as PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR for short). This makes sense taking into account the machine won’t still be able to deliver true 4K resolution despite its increased horsepower. Sony is also jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon with the PS5 Pro, as the console also boasts an AI accelerator.

Additionally, expect 1 TB of storage according to this leak, which apparently came from Sony’s own developer network, meaning these specs are very likely those of the PS5 Pro console Sony will launch later this year.

And having another buying option is certainly a good thing for those sitting on the fence about purchasing a next-gen console this year. Microsoft is also releasing an updated version of its Xbox Series X console in 2024, with the machine specs already known. There’s no boost to its graphical or computing power but it will pack 2 TB of storage space – a welcome move considering many games are asking for 100 GB of space or more these days.

Regarding the PS5 Pro’s launch date, this is not known yet as the console has not been officially announced by Sony. Sometime this fall is the expected release window as stated earlier, but the launch of a souped up PS5 surely is something to look forward to for those yet to upgrade their last-gen console no doubt.

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PS5 console (black cover) and gamepad (Sony Interactive Entertainment)