9th gen, 8-core Intel processors could be launching this fall


Although Intel has pleased many computing enthusiasts and video gamers looking to upgrade their PC this year thanks to the price and performance of their 8th generation processors, it seems more is in store from the tech giant this year.

Actually, according to report by wccftech, the US company is gearing up to launch its 9th generation desktops processors this fall, starting on October 1.

These processors include the Intel Core i9-9900K, the Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K.

As expected, the Intel Core i9-9900K will be the flagship model, and also Intel’s first mainstream desktop processor with 8 cores too. This can also handle 16 simultaneous threads and can hit clock speeds of 5 GHz, so we expect this will be a speed demon when it hits shelves this October, although with a hefty price tag to match for sure.

There’s also the Core i7-9700K, which surprisingly will also boast 8 cores according to wccftech, the first i7 model ever with this many cores. This has less multiprocessing capacity than the i9 though (it can only handle 8 threads, unlike the current top of the line Intel Core i7-8086K, which can handle 12).

Rounding out this first salvo of 9th gen CPUs is the Core i5-9600K, a successor to the current i5-8600K, which will also be a 6-core processor.

All these will be unlocked processors, that is, you’ll be able to overclock these to your heart’s content when paired with an appropriate motherboard (such as the new Z390 series manufacturers are reportedly launching in tandem with Intel’s new processors).

This will certainly be good news for those looking to build a powerful gaming rig this year then, and with new processors in the pipeline from AMD too this surely looks like it could be an exciting year for those PC gamers looking to upgrade their PC then.

Core i7 processor (Intel Corporation)