After Death Stranding, Kojima might have horror in mind for his next game


You would expect Hideo Kojima to be enjoying the success of Death Stranding now – the PS4 exclusive has sold handsomely so far and its critical reception has been very good overall, despite being dissed as being non-fun and tedious by some.

However, the veteran video game designer might have his next video game project in mind already, as a recent tweet suggests.

In this tweet (via Eurogamer) Kojima talks about awakening his “horror soul”, and recalls watching horror movie The Eye while he was making PT.

For those not in the know, PT was a demo released back in the summer of 2014 for Konami’s upcoming game Silent Hills. The game never got made, though, as Kojima had to leave Konami via the back door after falling out with the company for reasons unknown.

Kojima was collaborating with director and pal Guillermo del Toro on Silent Hills, while actor Norman Reedus was also meant to be part of the game’s cast. Of course, the pair also lent their talents to Death Stranding as both feature in the game, but some may be wondering whether Kojima is planning to make a horror game with Reedus and del Toro in order to stick it to Konami once and for all…

This won’t be a Silent Hills game as Konami owns the intellectual property, but there’s nothing stopping Kojima from coming up with a similar concept for a horror game though.

If there’s anything going on, it’s likely Kojima will drop a hint sooner or later… But it would be a good thing if the man who’s considered a certified genius by some gave up some of his artistic pretensions and instead focused on making a game that’s truly fun to play, something he proved he was well capable of doing back in his Metal Gear Solid days.

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