Alone in the Dark remake gets playable demo ahead of October release


The original Alone in the Dark sure is a classic game. Released in 1992, it had 3D graphics to die for, an atmospheric setting (the haunting and mysterious Derceto mansion) and good gameplay which offered a mix of puzzle-solving and combat.

Alone in the Dark is one of the best games ever made and lifted French publisher Infogrames to legendary status, even if more recent entries in the series like Alone in the Dark: Illumination have been big disappointments (actually Illumination was one of the worst games to hit shelves in 2015).

But still, the original game’s influence has been felt far and wide, and without the Infogrames classic games like Resident Evil might not exist today.

So maybe fans of the series were hopeful when publisher THQ Nordic announced that it was working on a remake of the original Alone in the Dark game. And maybe those longing for another entry in the series are feeling more optimistic now, especially after taking a look at the preview video below which showcases the remake’s gameplay and protagonists.

Like in the original, the protagonists will be Edward Carnby (a detective) and Emily Hartwood. She’s the niece of Jeremy Hartwood, owner of Derceto Manor, who’s been going through a rough patch recently… Edward Carnby is played by Stranger Things actor David Harbour, while actress Jodie Comer lends her likeness, voice and acting skills to the character of Emily Hartwood.

This should add to the atmosphere of the game, and the two performers briefly discuss their roles in the Alone in the Dark Spotlight video above.

The game is slated to hit shelves on October 25 this year, and will be a new-gen only release coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and also PC.

Of course, it’s a good thing that publisher THQ Nordic and the game’s developer (Pieces Interactive) have put out a demo of the game, giving players a taste of what the full game has to offer.

Unlike the full game, though, the demo won’t let you choose between Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood (the two playable protagonists of the full game). Rather, you step into the shoes of Grace Sounders in this playable prologue of the game. Grace has been tasked with delivering a letter to Emily Hartwood by her uncle Jeremy, a man who’s mind is plagued by “otherworldy horrors” according to the demo description on Steam.

The playable demo will let players explore a bit of the atmospheric Derceto Manor in 1920’s Louisiana, trekking through a haunted wing of the manor, with a surprise awaiting those who make it to the end according to THQ Nordic…

You can get the PlayStation version of the demo here, while those gaming on Xbox Series X/S consoles can get it from the Xbox website here. The PC version is available on Steam here.

All in all, it looks like this upcoming Alone in the Dark reboot could end up being something special, and might turn out to be a game that lives up to the 1992 classic original when it’s released this fall.