Cancelled game Scalebound could be returning as a Nintendo Switch exclusive


Some people were saddened in early 2017 when Microsoft announced that it was cancelling one of its most eagerly anticipated exclusives. This was none other than Scalebound, a game by developer PlatinumGames which was to offer a massive open world and multiplayer co-op gaming in a fantasy universe.

Sadly, Scalebound joined the list of cancelled video games, but back then we had hoped that the game would return in some form (like Blizzard did when it turned its cancelled Project Titan into Overwatch), even if this seemed unlikely back then.

But now rumours suggest that indeed Scalebound could see a release, although it won’t be an Xbox One exclusive this time around. No, it seems Nintendo may have picked up the cancelled game, and might now be working with developer Platinum in order to bring Scalebound to its Switch console, as was recently covered on VG247.

This will be good news for many, as Scalebound sure was a promising game, with top-notch developers behind games like Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid making the game. The Xbox One exclusive was giving Microsoft headaches due to development delays and engine issues though, and its massive scope means that Scalebound might have to, err, be scaled down for release on the Nintendo Switch down the road…

This is all a rumour for the time being, though, and we’re still waiting for official confirmation from Nintendo that it’s indeed resurrecting Scalebound from the grave for its Switch console. But nonetheless this is an exciting development for all those who were looking forward to playing Scalebound back in the day, so here’s hoping the Nintendo Switch version of it ends up being very good if it does hit shelves in the future.

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