Far Cry 5 preview videos tease Montana setting


One of the biggest video game franchises could be making a return this year. French video game company Ubisoft recently revealed the setting for its upcoming Far Cry 5 game in a series of teaser of videos, which sure left us longing for the game’s worldwide reveal this Friday.

And as previous rumours had suggested, the game will indeed be set in the US, specifically in Hope County, Montana. This is quite a change from the island settings of the original Far Cry game or the brilliant Far Cry 3. And clearly Far Cry 5’s Montana setting is also far removed from the African Savannah of Far Cry 2, or the Himalayan country of Kyrat seen in Far Cry 4.

Also, although one of the teaser videos only shows the wilderness (see above) we learned from a Reddit leak that this game will likely be set in the present day, and feature modern technology and weapons. But there’s clearly something amiss in Far Cry 5’s Montana, as the teaser video below shows what apparently is a quiet countryside scene, except for the fact there’s a dead body floating in the river…

So the Hope County seen in Far Cry 5 could be as violent and hostile as the island you got to explore in Far Cry 3, and proof of this is in another of the reveal videos which shows that whatever organization or group causing mischief in Montana does not appear to mind resorting to deadly force in order to put down their opponents.

We do know a bit more about whom you’ll be facing in Far Cry 5 though, as according to leaked information players will be up against some kind of religious cult here. Another of the teaser videos seems to suggest this, as we see a guy ringing a church bell, although he’s using someone else’s head to do this, though…

What’s clear, though, is that these videos will certainly help get gamers excited ahead of the big reveal on Friday 26, when we’ll get to know more about this upcoming Far Cry game.

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