Far Cry 6 to use AMD’s latest graphics technology to deliver better framerates


Gamers the world over are surely waiting for Far Cry 6, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s long-running first-person shooter series.

Set on an island inspired by Cuba, Far Cry 6 puts players in the shoes of a local revolutionary who’s trying to take down a bloodthirsty dictator.

Like previous entries, this is likely to deliver the same high-octane action, eye-popping explosions and open-world gameplay series veterans have been enjoying for years.

Far Cry 6 is also likely to be a very pretty looking game… Actually, most Far Cry games have sported cutting-edge visuals since the original came out way back in 2004. But there’s always been a trade off between image quality and resolution, something true of every other game too.

So those looking to get hold of the PC version of the game will likely be happy to know that Ubisoft is planning to take advantage of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology to deliver better frame rates in its latest Far Cry game, as was recently reported on wccftech.com.

As Stephanie Brenham of Ubisoft explains in the video below, Far Cry 6 will be using AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR for short) as the company wants “the majority of players an enjoyable smooth experience without having to turn their settings down”.

“Using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution helps us address this problem, because it means more players can enjoy Far Cry 6 with their graphics settings cranked up without compromising framerate. FSR […] is easy to integrate into our development pipeline and it delivers a substantial performance boost while retaining excellent image quality”, said Ubisoft’s 3D team lead programmer.

AMD’s latest graphics tech upscales images while minimizing quality loss and will be integrated into the popular game-building Unity engine very soon too. It may not be up to the level of Nvidia’s DLSS, but it does deliver a substantial frame rate increase in Unity’s Spaceship Demo as Wccftech points out.

This means that PC gamers running a compatible AMD graphics card will be able to play Far Cry 6 at higher resolutions by enabling FSR and taking advantage of AMD’s new upscaling technology to get better frame rates without losing much image quality. FSR is apparently also compatible with Nvidia graphics cards, even if AMD will let its rival Nvidia take care of optimizing FSR for the GeForce family. Nvidia does have a superior alternative in the form of DLSS (which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling) as highlighted earlier though.

Either way, here’s hoping that Far Cry 6 turns out to be a fun and smooth experience for all PC users when it arrives in October this year then…