Final Fantasy 15 could be coming to PC, watch tech demo here


Some PC players were understandably miffed when Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV would only be hitting the PS4 and Xbox One last year. And the fact that this latest and greatest Final Fantasy game skipped their gaming platform of choice surely angered some in the PC community.

But as was the case with other Final Fantasy games, it is very likely that Final Fantasy XV will one day be coming to PC. Proof of this is game director Hajime Tabata’s support for bringing the game to PC (even discussing the possibility of allowing user mods recently), while a tech demo of the game was recently shown at this year’s Game Developers Conference in California.

This demo (see above) shows how pretty a PC version of the game could look, showcasing a beautifully-rendered monster truck version of protagonist Noctis’ car the Regalia, a battle in the town of Lestallum and other game elements. This is certainly proof that Final Fantasy XV could be hitting the PC in the not so distant future, much like the great Final Fantasy IX and others like Final Fantasy VII are already on PC (although the game’s director Hajime Tabata has said that this would take up to a year according to

So even if a PC version of Final Fantasy XV is yet to be confirmed, it would no doubt be a great thing if PC gamers could eventually get to enjoy Noctis’ adventures on PC, playing through what undoubtedly is one of the best and biggest Final Fantasy games that Japanese company Square Enix has put out in years.