Hitman 2’s Miami level and Sean Bean Elusive Target are now available at a knockout price


Last year saw the release of some pretty incredible games like God of War and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Nonetheless, fans of stealth and action games surely were thrilled by Hitman 2, a fantastic follow up to 2016’s Hitman as we pointed out in our review.

And undoubtedly one of the game’s highlights was its opening Miami level – the huge crowds, atmosphere and racing event going on in the background, plus the gameplay possibilities made this one of the classiest levels in the Hitman series to date.

Here players had to assassinate a wealthy individual named Robert Knox and his racing champion daughter Sierra, and had many ways to do this, from pushing Sierra down an elevator shaft while dressed as a flamingo to killing Robert Knox by getting a Terminator-like android to shoot him during a demonstration in his company’s headquarters. Of course, poison or getting up close and strangling the victim with a garrotte were also valid assassination methods here…

Hitman 2’s Miami level was also the setting of the game’s first Elusive Target mission last November. In this mission players had to assassinate a character known as “The Undying”, a man who had survived countless assassination attempts and who is played (rather fittingly too) by actor Sean Bean in the game.

And those yet to try the stealth masterpiece that Hitman 2 is are in luck, as developer IO Interactive is offering the game’s Miami stage, plus The Undying Elusive Target for $15 US dollars as part of the game’s Miami Pack.

Aside from this, you also get any future Elusive Targets for this location, and also the game’s tutorial level which is set in Hawke’s Bay and provides a pretty good slice of gameplay and storytelling too. Also, you get the game’s “Ghost” multiplayer mode and a sniper rifle-based mission which is set in the fictional Austrian location of Himmelstein.

Hitman 2’s Miami Pack definitely looks like a good way to dive into one of 2018’s best games, then (and at this price this surely is a steal for what you’re getting), so those yet to play Hitman 2 could do much worse than pick this up when it becomes available on May 7.

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