James Bond 25 now has a director, begins shooting this December


Fans of James Bond films were ecstatic last year, when it was revealed that a new James Bond movie would be hitting theatres in late 2019.

What was missing though, was what the new films title and director would be, and thankfully the identity of the latter has now been announced by the movie’s producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

As reported on Deadline, Danny Boyle will be taking the reins of this 25th entry in the James Bond franchise. Universal Studios managed to snag the distribution rights after a hotly contested fight with other movie studios, while MGM will take care of domestic distribution of this upcoming Bond flick. As is usual, this movie will premiere in the UK first (October 2019), followed by a US release the next month.

And as was confirmed earlier, Daniel Craig will be reprising the role of 007 in this 25th James Bond film, the title of which remains a mystery yet as stated earlier. There was some confusion regarding whether Craig would return to the role after a series of controversial comments he made right after shooting the previous film in the franchise (Spectre), but it seems a fat paycheck and the producers’ insistence were enough to lure him back to the role…

We still know little about this next James Bond movie, and it remains to be seen whether it will live up to the previous two Sam Mendez-directed entries, Skyfall and Spectre, two of the best Bond films to date. I’m hoping it will, as director Danny Boyle has been behind some good films like the sci-fi flick Sunshine and the well-reviewed Trainspotting, and hopefully he can bring the same know-how to this 25th James Bond entry, which begins shooting this December.

Spectre (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)