Mafia 3 gameplay trailer shows how the underbosses will help players in New Bordeaux


Much has been made of Mafia 3, the GTA clone which is coming to consoles and PCs on October 7, and which is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year. And now developer Hangar 13 has released the final of its five part gameplay trailer series “The World of New Bordeaux”.

This video is titled “The New Mob” and focuses on protagonist Lincoln Clay’s underbosses, which will help Mafia III’s antihero deal with his enemies in the game’s city of New Bordeaux (which is based on 1960’s New Orleans). Lincoln can also assign his lieutenants control of different sections of the city, and this can lead to tensions between the protagonist and his underbosses, especially if he neglects their wishes too much…

But what is clear by this trailer is that the game’s underbosses will be more of a help than a hindrance, with the likes of Cassandra being Lincoln’s arms dealer in the game, providing him with all sorts of weaponry and even help him cut an opponent’s phone communications in missions so that he can’t call for reinforcements…

Lincoln Clay can also rely on his underboss Thomas Burke in the game, as the man will provide players with all sorts of vehicles to drive around the city of New Bordeaux and get to mission locations. And Vito Scaletta (who was the protagonist of the earlier Mafia II game) will also lend a hand to players with his hit squads, and also provide access to an underground medical facility to heal those combat wounds.

What’s clear, though, is that Mafia III is certainly one of the best-looking and most promising games of the year, and since the game’s release is just around the corner there’s not much longer to find out whether developer Hangar 13’s game will live up to expectations and turn out to be the great game so many gamers are hoping it will be.

Note: Mafia III will be released on October 7, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.