Silent Hill 2 turned 16 this month


There was a time when Silent Hill was one of the most popular video game horror franchises around. And many Silent Hill fans were excited in 2014 when it was revealed that a new entry in the series titled Silent Hills was in the works, with ace video game designer Hideo Kojima at the helm. Alas, that game never came to fruition as Konami cancelled the project, and we haven’t heard any more news about another Silent Hill game since then.

But it’s clear that many fans of the series are still hungry for another Silent Hill game, even if the last Silent Hill games to be released are now a distant memory. These were the pretty decent Silent Hill: Downpour and the abysmal Silent Hill: Book of Memories, both in 2012. Neither sold very well, and surely did not bode well for the future of the series.

However, there are a few much-loved, classic entries in the series, including Silent Hill 2, which is now 16 years old.

This classy survival horror game caused a sensation back in 2001 due to the fact that Konami managed to improve on the original Silent Hill game in almost every respect.

Set in the eponymous town of Silent Hill, this sequel to the 1999 classic had an atmosphere reminiscent of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, some of the scariest enemies seen to date in a video game, and great survival horror gameplay. There were some great characters in Silent Hill 2, like protagonist James Sunderland’s scary partner Maria. This was also the first Silent Hill game to feature Pyramid Head, the dreadful villain who has become a series’ icon. And who can forget the hilarious UFO ending?

Of course, it can be argued that Silent Hill 3 (which was a proper follow-up to the 1999 original) is actually the finer game, a point of contention that does not diminish Silent Hill 2’s accomplishments one bit.

Here’s hoping the series does return one day, then, and that fans of the iconic horror franchise get another chance to visit the cursed town of Silent Hill again sometime in the future.