Star Wars Battlefront 2: Free trial and Last Jedi DLC details emerge


It can’t be argued that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is likely to be one of the biggest video games of 2017. After all, the earlier Star Wars Battlefront sold millions of copies and offered some exciting (if admittedly a bit shallow) multiplayer action, and Star Wars fans are no doubt hoping this upcoming sequel will be bigger and better than the original.

One thing the sequel boasts that the original lacked is a single player campaign – and this could certainly be interesting taking into account that it stars a female protagonist fighting for the Empire, a first for any Star Wars game to date.

It’s the multiplayer, though, that will likely keep people hooked in the long run, and in this regard it looks like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will offer much more than the original did, with many heroes to play as spread across all Star Wars eras (meaning you can take control of the likes of Rey from the Force Awakens and Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace for instance) and plenty more maps and game modes to enjoy.

So, it’s clear plenty of Star Wars fans will be eager to get hold of the game come its release date on November 17, even if a lucky few are already enjoying this latest Battlefront game thanks to the EA / Origin Access trial which is now live. This trial is available to Xbox One and PC owners who subscribe to Electronic Arts’ Origin or EA Access service, and allows you to enjoy up to 10 hours of this latest Star Wars game.

The trial does have a few limitations and it will not be possible to progress in the single player campaign past a certain point, although thankfully everything the game has to offer multiplayer-wise will be available to you during the trial. Your progress will also be saved if you decide to buy the full game later on, which is certainly a plus point.

And although PS4 owners won’t be able to access the trial, there’s some consolation for those who game on Sony’s console, as getting hold of the Deluxe edition of the game will also let you dive into Star Wars Battlefront II earlier than your peers (November 14 to be exact).

Will Star Wars Battlefront II be this year’s multiplayer hit?


Another welcome bit of news is that Electronic Arts seems to have big post-launch plans for the game, as the company recently revealed on its website. Actually, the game’s Last Jedi Season kicks off on December 5, when Battlefront 2 players get to choose whether to fight for the First Order or the Resistance, getting to participate in faction-specific special challenges later on.

Later, on December 13, two new heroes will be joining the game’s roster: Captain Phasma and Finn. There will also be other additions on this day based on the upcoming Last Jedi movie too, including two new maps and an additional starfighter ship to pilot (Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing).

EA will also be adding to the single player campaign in mid-December with a series of new chapters titled “Resurrection”, which expand the story and are set during the early days of the villainous First Order.

It’s great that Star Wars Battlefront II owners will be getting quite a bit of extra content free of charge then, so here’s hoping that this sequel to the 2015 hit does live up to the hype and ends up being a great Star Wars experience when it releases later this month.

Note: Star Wars Battlefront II will be released on November 17, 2017. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.