The Callisto Protocol to get one final story DLC this month


Gamers expected great things from The Callisto Protocol when it arrived last December, as many were expecting this to be a spiritual successor to the great Dead Space.

Actually, some of the people behind the 2008 classic were involved in The Callisto Protocol’s production, but obviously things did not go as planned as the game was poorly received by game critics and players. Callisto’s Metacritic score stands at 69 out of 100 with mixed reviews, not great for a game which was meant to be one of the biggest AAA releases of 2022.

But still, despite lacking Dead Space’s atmosphere, horror thrills and great action, some may have found The Callisto Protocol to be an enjoyable ride (me included).

So those who had fun playing through the game, fighting their way through hordes of monsters on the icy moon of Callisto and the game’s Black Iron prison, will likely be thrilled to hear that the survival horror game will be getting a final story DLC later this month, as was recently revealed on the game’s Twitter account.

The Final Transmission will serve as a “heart-pounding final chapter” for the game, and may allow developer Striking Distance to redeem itself after the negative reception the game received last year.

Because the thing is that The Callisto Protocol definitely had a rocky launch. Aside from the poor review scores, the game also suffered from performance problems on PC, and was even banned in Japan due to its content.

There’s also the fact that Callisto failed to meet publisher Krafton’s sales targets, shifting only 2 million copies out of the 5 million that the South Korean video game company expected to sell, meaning the game is unlikely to have recouped its development costs (more than $160 million US dollars).

Nonetheless and as stated earlier, the people behind the game (Striking Distance Studios) can still bring a smile to those who enjoyed The Callisto Protocol if the Final Transmission DLC  turns out to be a worthy addition to the game, as this is a survival horror game that is unlikely to ever get a sequel.

Note: The Final Transmission DLC is part of the game’s season pass, and is also included with the Deluxe version of the game. It will be available on June 27 on PlayStation consoles, and June 29 on PC and Xbox.