This hyper difficult samurai game is free on PS Plus this month


As is the case every month, Sony recently revealed the games that PS Plus subscribers will be able to get hold of for free this month.

And this month’s offer includes two games you won’t want to miss, starting with hyper difficult samurai game Nioh.

Originally released for PS4 in February 2017 (it later got a PC release), this game features the kind of third-person action that will surely appeal to fans of Dark Souls. Actually, game creators Koei Tecmo delivered the same level of challenge one can expect from a Hidetaka Miyazaki game, as Nioh sure is a bloody difficult game from start to finish.

Set during the Sengoku period in Japan, you take control of protagonist William Adams (the first European samurai) who must fight for his life in the Land of the Rising Sun. As you can imagine there are countless enemies to face off against here including some very big bosses which will take all your stamina and skill to defeat.

Aside from Nioh, controversial horror game Outlast 2 will also be available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. Set in a remote town cut off from the rest of the world, this game caused controversy back in 2017 due to its sexual content, initially being denied classification in Australia. Of course, this first-person horror game also features violence and gore too as you might expect…

Both Nioh and Outlast 2 will be available starting on November 5 and up to December 3, so be sure to pick them up when they become available next Tuesday. Also, October’s games can still be claimed by those on PS Plus. I would definitely encourage you to pick up The Last of Us if you haven’t done so yet – this is one of the best games to hit a PlayStation console in years.

And this surely is another good pair of PS4 games Sony will be offering this month, so here’s hoping that the trend continues and that PS Plus fans get another great pair of games to cap off the year in December too.