This iconic character is coming to Street Fighter 5


The Street Fighter franchise has been going strong ever since the first game debuted back in 1987, a game which became a classic and heralded the start of one of the most popular video game series of all time.

And although the previous iteration of the franchise (Street Fighter IV) which came out in 2008 was a very solid game with a ton of great characters and fantastic gameplay, some fans were disappointed with the latest Street Fighter. This was due to the its lack of game modes, especially the single player story mode its rival Mortal Kombat has offered in its latest incarnations.

Street Fighter V has improved in leaps and bounds since its patchy release last February, and is now a more solid game that boasts a good story mode (which was added to the game last June) and a colourful roster of characters including classics like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li. And new characters have been added to the game in DLC packs, including well-known fighters like fan-favourite Guile, making Street Fighter V an even more appealing game for fans of the genre.

Fans of the Street Fighter series were in for a surprise though, when it was revealed that another fan-favourite character would be available as DLC soon… This character was Akuma, who was revealed during a video game tournament this November according to IGN.

Akuma has always been one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter and is similar to iconic fighters like Ken and Ryu but has a few tricks up his sleeve like his devastating “raging demon” special attack seen in the video above, which can make him deadly in the hands of a skilled Street Fighter player.

The thing is whether this is the Akuma Street Fighter players know and love, or has he changed in some ways and is coming to Street Fighter V with new tricks? Some have noticed that the Kanji (Japanese writing) which appears on his back after performing his special attack is different this time, translating to “god like”.

This means the version of Akuma set to appear in Street Fighter V could be an even more powerful character this time around, although fans will know this for sure next month, as he will be a playable character in Street Fighter V during the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California this December.