This is what the latest Starcraft 2 patch adds to the game


Although American video game company Blizzard has moved on to other projects like their successful online multiplayer game Overwatch and the good card game Hearthstone, it’s still supporting its much-loved RTS Stacraft II, after having released the pretty great final chapter Legacy of the Void back in late 2015.

And Blizzard has now released a new patch for the game which beefs up the multiplayer side of the game, adding a new co-op mission titled “Dead of Night”, which is based on the popular arcade game Left2Die.

According to the official patch notes, players “will find themselves under assault from an endless wave of infested monstrosities”, with the goal being to “destroy as many infested structures as you can during the day as the horde cannot travel in daylight, and try to survive throughout the night”.

This 3.11 patch also makes changes to characters like Alarak, Karax and Kerrigan in co-op mode, while also making general, gameplay and user interface fixes, although most of the changes focus on the co-op side of things.

What’s clear, though, is that those still playing Starcraft II will surely welcome these changes, while it’s great to see Blizzard still supporting their 2010 game in this manner, after the release of the good Nova Covert Ops mission pack last year.