This Witcher 3 mod makes you take care of your primal needs


Although the PC version of the wildly popular video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has gotten quite a few user mods since the game hit shelves back in May 2015, few are as original as this Primal Needs mod, which is now available on (via PC Gamer).

This is because the mod forces you to take care of your basic needs in the game like eating and drinking, while also having to worry about fatigue. After all, a hungry, dehydrated and tired witcher is not going to be up to much when it comes to saving Temeria from an existential threat is he?

In short then, this turns The Witcher 3 into a survival game, and you will have to pay close attention to the hunger, thirst and fatigue meters which will now appear onscreen, making sure these don’t go too low or else your performance in the game will suffer.

Thankfully though, it is easy to quench your thirst and hunger in the game by getting food and drink, even if the mod author has introduced a nice twist to make this slightly more challenging in the game. This is because food will now expire after 5 days, after which it will be removed from your inventory, while it will also be harder to locate foodstuffs in the game in order to reflect the fact that Geralt is attempting to survive in the middle of a war…

Being hungry will make your adrenaline deplete faster, while you should also be on the lookout for suitable drinks as being completely thirsty will actually stop your stamina regeneration.

Also, fatigue is something you will have to take care of with this mod installed, and if it reaches critical levels Geralt won’t be able to perform such actions such as rolling, so regular meditation will be required in order for the witcher to be able to fight like a pro again…

So, this Primal Needs mod could please those who are looking for a more realistic gameplay experience in The Witcher 3, but as is the case with any other mod you can get for this or any other game, it’s always better to exercise caution before installing and read the mod instructions carefully before trying it out.

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Note: The Primal Needs mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be downloaded here. Available for PC.