Top 10 Crazy Skyrim User Mods

1. Explosive Chickens

skyrim-mod-exploding-chickensIf you ever played an evil character in Skyrim, then maybe you were tempted to go to one of the game’s beautiful rural communities, and deal some indiscriminate justice… Like shooting the inhabitants of Riverwood with your arrows, or striking them down with your sword. It’s not that antisocial behaviour gets us anywhere, but this is a video game after all, and virtual violence can certainly be therapeutic.

And if you really want to cause chaos in one of Skyrim’s towns, then you could do worse than install the Explosive Chickens mod. This mod turns the game’s wandering and peaceful chickens into walking bombs, allowing you to shoot them with your arrows, and well… make them explode. Causing such chaos will likely make Skyrim’s guards try to put you down, because being in the middle of an explosion is certainly worse than an arrow in the knee…

Link to mod: