Top Things to Expect from Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal

A memorable cast of characters?


If one thing is clear, is that Ubisoft’s Far Cry games have featured some of the most memorable villains in gaming, from Far Cry 3’s insane antagonist Vaas to Far Cry 4’s eccentric dictator Pagan Min, there’s certainly been no shortage of colourful characters in the Far Cry games.

And it looks like Ubisoft is likely to continue the tradition and Far Cry Primal will feature a great villain or two, as protagonist Takkar’s tribe will be squaring off against the cannibalistic Udam tribe, which is led by their deformed and brutish leader Ull, who looks like he could be one really mean villain judging by the trailer below. Priestess Batari of the Izila tribe might also be a great character, as she bears more than a passing resemblance to the mysterious and seductive female leader Citra of Far Cry 3, and hopefully main character Takkar will excel in the charisma department after the slightly disappointing hero of Far Cry 4…

Three warring tribes

far-cry-primal-wenjaIn Far Cry Primal’s story main character Takkar will be fighting to reunite his Wenja tribe while being attacked by rivals the Udam and the Izila tribes. And the game featuring 3 tribes is certainly a novelty after earlier Far Cry games always pitted the player’s faction against one enemy group. In Far Cry 3, for instance, protagonist Jason Brody sided with the natives of Rook Island to take on a pirate faction led by their insane leader Vaas, while in Far Cry 4 the Golden Path rebels fought the Royal Army of dictator Pagan Min in the Kyrat civil war.

And the fact that Far Cry Primal has 3 tribes could make the gameplay more varied and dynamic, as the Udam tribe led by the menacing villain Ull also has a score to settle against the fire-worshipping Izila tribe led by Priestess Batari. And it is clear that the tribal conflict between Takkar’s Wenja tribe and the other two tribes could lead to some pretty cool and varied missions in the upcoming Far Cry Primal.