Watch Conan O’Brien play a VR game in Clueless Gamer


It is clear that many people think virtual reality will be the next big thing in gaming, ushering a new era in interactive entertainment, even if most VR titles gamers have gotten their hands on until this point have been a disappointment.

And given the popularity of VR, it was only a matter of time before comedian Conan O’Brien got to try out a VR game in his comedic segment Clueless Gamer. After all, the man has played some of the biggest video game releases of the last couple of years, such as The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV alongside celebrities like Elijah Wood and others.

Actually, O’Brien recently revealed that the best game he has played in Clueless Gamer is The Witcher 3, due to the fact that he “got to have sex on a unicorn” in CD Projekt’s epic role-playing adventure. And it seems the man had similar expectations for VR game Wilson’s Heart which is slated for release this year, and will be available for the Oculus Rift. “The whole point of virtual reality is to get it on”, O’Brien says in the Clueless Gamer video below, before beginning his playthrough of Wilson’s Heart.

Unlike The Witcher 3, though, Wilson’s Heart does not touch the subject of sex. Actually, the game is set in a hospital during the 40’s, where all is not what it seems. And it’s up to the player to unravel the mysteries of this dark place, playing as a patient who has a strange device in his chest in place of his heart.

It seems O’Brien did not enjoy the game’s atmosphere and gameplay (or perhaps he is not that fond of Oculus headset) as he said playing the game made him feel “confused, infirm and weak” adding that he was left “not knowing what’s happening”. Which is something that may annoy those who have invested in an Oculus Rift headset and believe VR could be the future of gaming…

This is not the first time O’Brien has been this critical of a video game, though, and had similarly harsh words for Final Fantasy XV. Back then he said Square Enix’s game was “an epic waste of time”, which obviously are not kind words either.

But despite his harsh words for many of the top video games, it’s clear his comedic segment still remains one of the most fun about gaming out there, and hopefully Conan O’Brien will get to try another VR game in Clueless Gamer in the future, one which ends up being more to his liking…