Will The Walking Dead: A New Frontier be as good as the earlier seasons?


Fans of The Walking Dead were ecstatic when Telltale Games announced that a new season of their award-winning adventure games was on the way, and that the first two episodes of the game would be released this December. Because the earlier two seasons of Telltale’s The Walking Dead games were undoubtedly superb, featuring great choice and consequence gameplay, plenty of drama and unforgettable characters like Georgia professor Lee and girl in distress turned heroine Clementine.

And it looks like the upcoming The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will also feature a slew of new characters including Javier, who will be a playable character in this third season of Telltale’s adventure game, and also Jesus, a character whom viewers of The Walking Dead TV show will be familiar with.

Also, season two protagonist Clementine will take centre stage in A New Frontier, as can be seen in the game’s launch trailer below, and hopefully she will be as charming and appealing a protagonist as in the earlier two seasons of Telltale’s game.

Because it is clear that Telltale has its work cut out for it trying to match the earlier seasons, particularly season one, which is one of the best episodic adventure games ever made. That game was set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies in which players had to make plenty of difficult decisions. The game also had plenty of great locations such as a dairy farm and an abandoned manor, and Telltale’s vision of Robert Kirkman’s comics was certainly great fun to play.

Season two was also great, with protagonist Clementine being no longer a girl in distress as she was in the first season, but a strong-willed heroine who could lead her group in a cutthroat, zombie-infested world, with season two featuring more of the great choice and consequence gameplay as the original an also interesting new characters like antagonist Arvo.

Telltale games also released the spin-off adventure game Michonne this year, which although it had its moments, did not reach the heights of the earlier two seasons. And it’s clear that Telltale’s recent episodic adventure game based on the Batman comics is definitely not their best yet, suggesting the studio is not at the top of their game right now, meaning that the upcoming season three of The Walking Dead might not be as good as many players are hoping it will be…

But still, hopefully all doubts will fade away when the first two episodes of this new season are released later this month, with this new season of Telltale’s adventure game proving to be as good as the earlier seasons.