Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is getting a playable demo this February


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one game quite a few video game fans are looking forward to this year. Those who liked Nioh, and also its 2020 sequel Nioh 2, will likely be looking forward to developer Team Ninja’s upcoming action RPG no doubt.

But unlike Nioh which took place in Japan during the Sengoku period, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place in China during the late Han dynasty period. The historical Three Kingdoms setting is combined here with a dark fantasy theme, meaning players will also have to fight mythological creatures asides from human opponents as was the case in Team Ninja’s previous game Nioh.

Of course, even those who liked Nioh and is sequel might want to give this a go before parting with their hard earned cash, so it’s a good thing that publisher Koei Tecmo is putting out a demo of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on February 24. It will be available on all the platforms the game is releasing in, as was announced in a recent tweet.

It’s a nice thing too that your progress will transfer over should you decide to take the plunge and buy the full game, plus you’ll also be gifted with a unique DLC should you complete the demo. This is a special helmet you can wear in the game.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty allows you to customize your character (a militia soldier) before starting the game, and like developer Team Ninja’s earlier games, it too is an action and role-playing adventure played from a third-person perspective.

There are human enemies in the game, but as stated earlier you’ll get to battle mythological creatures including demons and monsters here too. For this, players will not only rely on weapons such as swords but also on magical abilities, and the summoning of creatures called “divine beasts” to aid them in combat.

Sadly for some, though, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty won’t be an open world game, but rather a mostly linear experience in the vein of Nioh and its sequel. The people behind last year’s megahit Elden Ring (From Software) choose to make their game open world, and also more accessible, and managed to reach a mainstream audience after many had previously been put off by the difficulty of games like Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The thing is, has Team Ninja chosen to make Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty more accessible (in other words easier) than Nioh and Nioh 2? Back in 2017, Nioh featured the line “ready to die?” in its advertising, while Nioh 2 was described as a “masocore” game. So if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is as hard as either of those, some people will be put off no doubt.

There’s no long to wait in order to get an idea of how hard the final game might end up being, as the demo will release on February 24 as stated earlier, while the game will hit consoles and PC on March 3. But even if this proves to be a difficult experience, it at least seems to have a compelling story judging by the latest trailer above. Either way, it would be a great thing if this turns out to be another cracking game by Team Ninja when it hits shelves next month.