World War Z trailer showcases player classes and gameplay


Even though you might argue it’s a bit too late, a video game based on 2013’s World War Z movie is coming next year. It will debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but beyond this and the tentative 2019 release date, we didn’t know much yet about developer Saber Interactive’s game.

Thankfully, a new trailer has arrived, revealing more about the game and the different classes you’ll be able to play as in Saber Interactive’s upcoming zombie game. As highlighted in the trailer, these include the Slasher, who’ll be right up your alley if you prefer to slice and dice zombies melee-style. There’s also the Hellraiser, who uses C4 to keep those huge zombie crowds you’ll get to battle in the game in check.

Other classes include the Medic, who can heal other members of the team from afar using his Stim Pistol, and the Exterminator, who can use Molotov cocktails to set the zombie masses alight in the game. Check the trailer below to see each of World War Z classes in action.

Judging by this trailer, it looks like World War Z could offer some exciting multiplayer action, although it remains to be seen how well it all comes together when this ships sometime next year.

One thing that has upset some gamers, though, is that this World War Z game won’t be available on Steam. Rather, it will be exclusive to the new Epic store as US developer Saber Interactive recently confirmed. Nonetheless, it could still be great for fans of zombie games and World War Z if this turned out to be a solid shooter when it releases in 2019.