James Bond Is a Beer Fan in Stunning New TV Commercial


If one thing is clear, is that the last decade has been great for James Bond fans. Even since Daniel Craig took over the role of James Bond from an aging Pierce Brosnan, we’ve been treated to great films like Casino Royale and Skyfall, and the not-that-bad Quantum of Solace. And Skyfall in particular was something of a masterpiece, directed in a classical style by veteran Sam Mendez and featuring one of the best Bond villains to date in Javier Bardem’s character Silva.

Although when it comes to video games, James Bond fans have not had it so good, as the last truly great Bond game was Goldeneye, which was released for the old Nintendo 64 console back in 1997. More recent Bond games like 007 Legends, which was released in fall 2012 to coincide with Skyfall’s theatrical launch, was something of a mixed bag: a mish-mash of scenes from past James Bond movies (such as a shooting section taking place in Moonraker’s space station), and failed to excite gamers. But hopefully the upcoming mobile game James Bond: World of Epionage, from the development studio behind the enormously successful Kim Kardashian video game, will be entertaining enough and make up for all the so-so games of the past.

But still, 007 fans now have the new Bond film, Spectre, to look forward to. It is certainly one of the most hyped movies of the year, once again starring Daniel Craig as the iconic British spy. And given what an international phenomenon Spectre is, it makes sense that brands are relying on the James Bond hype machine to advertise their products. And so is Heineken, makers of one of the world’s best known beer brands, who have released a TV commercial that sure looks like a scene from a James Bond film.

The ad, which you can watch below, shows Bond (Daniel Craig) escaping a group of attackers in suits and finally fighting one of them on a speedboat, while an innocent lady is dragged into the whole affair and ends up water skiing while holding a tray with Heineken bottles.

And more than one thing in this trailer is reminiscent of classic James Bond movies, such as when the lady in question attempts to use a hat as a weapon, which will likely remind viewers of how the large Asian bodyguard of businessman Auric Goldfinger sometimes dealt with his victims in 1964’s seminal Goldfinger movie.

All in all, it is clear that this great James Bond-themed ad will surely whet the appetites of moviegoers anxious to see the new Bond movie Spectre, which debuts on Nov 6 (October 26 in the UK) this year.