’14 days of Fortnite’ challenges leak online


The Fortnite mania shows no sign of slowing down, as Epic’s game has been a wild success by anyone’s standards. And given that more people will be picking up the game during the Christmas holidays, it makes sense that the game will be getting several new, Christmas-themed challenges in the days to come.

Actually, the “14 days of Fornite” challenges recently leaked online, courtesy of one Twitter user who’s apparently involved in datamining Fortnite’s files in order to discover what’s coming next to Epic’s game. These 14 challenges apparently, which may very well be live in the game by the time you read this too.

The new Fortnite challenges are listed in the following tweet (via Forbes).

None of these challenges appear to be particularly challenging, though. Searching chests, for instance, is something anyone playing Fortnite: Battle Royale will do several times over the course of a game, although others like finding those Goose Eggs, flying through biplane rings and hitting fellow players with snowballs might take a bit more work.

Here are the full “14 days of Fortnite” coming over the Christmas holidays:

– Thank the bus driver

– Travel to giant candy canes on the map

– Play a match with your friends

– Do damage to other players with different weapons

– Search the Goose Eggs

– Perform a dance in front of Christmas trees

– Destroy the snowflake decorations

– Fly through biplane rings

– Hit other players with snowballs

– Search in-game chests

– Use Port-a-Gift (this might be a new in-game item as Forbes points out)

– Use a tool in the game’s Creative Mode

– Get trick points on the drift board

– Start or join a Fortnite Creative server

Aside from taking part in these Fortnite challenges (which will run over the course of 14 days – a “fortnight”, you see), those playing the game on PC might also want to take a look at Nvidia’s Fortnite bundle, which includes some interesting in-game items you might want to get hold of. Either way, this has certainly been another great year for Epic and Fortnite, and hopefully 2019 will also be great for those who have been playing and enjoying the game to date.

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