Hitman 2’s Elusive Target ‘The Revolutionary’ is now live in Colombia


It’s likely Hitman fans have been having fun with Hitman 2, a follow up to 2016’s Hitman reboot. This was arguably the best game to come out that year, and one of the best stealth games in very long time too. But clearly Hitman 2 has been a worthy sequel, featuring the same great assassination gameplay and variety of interesting locations to explore.

Since launching the game last November, game makers IO Interactive have continued to add content to Hitman 2, with the game’s Elusive Targets sure being one of the most interesting features of this latest Hitman game. What makes Elusive Target missions so exciting is that they are only available in the game for a limited period of time, and that players don’t get a second chance to attempt the mission if they die during the course of it.

The stakes are high in these missions then, and after players got to kill Sean Bean’s character last month, Hitman 2’s second Elusive Target is now live in the game. This is an unsavoury character known as “The Revolutionary”, a military-type guy who’s planning to start a new world order, with Colombia being a launch pad for his world domination plans.

The man (who’s named Vicente Murillo) also seems to be of the same mindset as US president Donald Trump, as evidenced by his slogan “Make Colombia great again”, plus the fact he’s described as a “narcissist and pathological liar” in the video above is something which might make you want to succeed at this Elusive Target mission…

Nonetheless, this still looks like it could be another difficult Elusive Target, but there’s an extra incentive to kill The Revolutionary here as this will allow you to unlock a new suit for Agent 47 (casual tourist suit with gloves) as seen in the image below.

Note: Elusive Target 2 “The Revolutionary” will be available in the game until December 30, 2018.