The 10 best video games of 2016


Those into video gaming certainly had plenty of great games to enjoy in 2016, from XCOM 2’s deep tactical gameplay to Inside’s clever platforming, and Hitman’s inventive murder sandboxes.

And this was clearly a great year for players as there were plenty of superb gameplay experiences to savour in 2016… So without further ado, here follows our list of the 10 best video games that came out this year.

10. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 let players fight the aliens again in exciting turn-based battles.


XCOM 2 was without a doubt one of the best strategy games released in 2016, managing to improve on its great predecessor in almost every conceivable way. Set on a planet Earth now ruled by aliens, players had to make plenty of tactical and strategic decisions throughout a long, difficult campaign.

And character-building was certainly one of the game’s strong suits, as levelling up one’s squad of soldiers throughout XCOM 2’s missions was an entertaining and complex affair, and players also had to make hard decisions about which soldiers to take on specific missions. Because losing that heavy weapons specialist in battle against the brutally tough alien opponents was something of a big deal, while making difficult strategic decisions in the campaign such as which upgrades or technologies to research next surely made playing XCOM 2 a fantastic experience this year.