5 mods for Fallout 4 you can enjoy on the PS4

2. Zombie Walkers

fallout-4-zombie-walkers-modWhile it is true that there are some fearsome enemies in Fallout 4, such as the ruthless super mutants and the massive deathclaws, perhaps some gamers might miss the presence of zombies in the game, as Fallout 4’s ruined post-apocalyptic world is the sort of place where the undead would arise for sure…

Actually, the closest thing the game has to zombies are those pesky Feral Ghouls, but these move too fast and attack in such a manner that they are very unlike the traditional zombies seen in the movies, for instance. But thankfully this new Zombie Walkers mod adds zombies to the game by modifying Fallout 4’s Feral Ghoul enemies so that they behave like the undead in a George Romero movie.

This means that their movement is now much slower, but they will also deal heavy-duty damage as well, plus they can even stagger the player now as well. Also, in true zombie tradition, only headshots will truly be effective to put these creatures down now, while they also scale with the player level meaning these zombie enemies remain challenging throughout the entire game.

Link to modmods.bethesda.net