5 mods for Fallout 4 you can enjoy on the PS4

4. Marlborough Mansion


Despite the fact that Fallout 4’s Wasteland is one of the best realized and atmospheric video game settings of all time, perhaps a few players might miss having a comfortable in-game home to relax in after a hard day of battling raiders and super mutants in the game’s post-apocalyptic Wasteland…

And this is what this “Marlborough Mansion” mod does, as it adds a brand new player home to the game which thankfully is better-looking and more comfy than any of the game’s settlements such as Sanctuary. Not only this, but it also features a surgeon’s chair (for changing one’s appearance in order to continue adventuring with a brand new face…), a fresh water supply to deal with radiation poisoning and also plenty of storage room for any trinkets you might have been collecting on your adventures.

(Note: image is from the PC version of the mod)

Link to modmods.bethesda.net